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We ❤️ #pleroma

We will be sharing the new Micro UI with the pleroma project and working with pleroma developers to implement it after we launch pixelfed federation support.


You all liked the first Christmas Periwinkle I posted... so you may have another. Gotta wait until the 25th to open her though. 🎀

The other day I wanted to share a video.

YouTube wanted me to login, give them my real name, provide an email address (wouldn't take a throwaway for an answer) and a phone number to text me (I don't have a phone).

I went to a #Peertube instance instead. They accepted my throwaway email address and my video. Didn't ask for personal information. And the upload and video playback worked great.

True story.

So, thank you @Chocobozzz and everyone else who worked on Peertube.

My goal for the next 2 weeks besides releasing federation support:

- Finish Docs
- Finish Instance picker
- Updated
- Finish APIs (for mobile apps)
- Real-time updates (via ws)
- UI improvements
- New privacy features
- Finish IG Import
- Launch
- Finish account export
- Finish account deletion


Patreon request of a snowy drawing, although there's more focus on the winter demon sooo mission half accomplished? Hahaha-happy holidays!! :D

Thanks for all the support this year! ♥

#illustration #drawing #digitalart #art #mastoart

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